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Jon's Bio

Jon Stapleton is a highly experienced Director of Photography who has worked for major broadcasters and respected independent production companies both nationally and internationally. Jon’s interest in film and photography was sparked when his friends bought him a camera for his 21st birthday, since then his passion has taken him around the world and seen him hold most roles in the lighting cameraman genre.
Jon's career started at the BBC Film unit, Ealing Film Studios where he worked through the roles of Lighting Assistant, Clapper Loader, Focus Puller and Camera Operator before becoming a Director of Photography. Jon has worked in the Film and TV industry for 25 years. He now draws on his wealth of experience and creative ability in lighting, composition and modern film techniques to deliver outstanding and imaginative images in all extremes and environments.


"I have worked with Jon Stapleton for a number of years. He’s an exceptionally talented DoP who is fantastic to work with. On location Jon is a broad-shouldered collaborative presence. He feels a shared responsibility for shoots and is always coming up with new ideas for making shots work. He has a natural gift for understanding the needs of a story and translating the vision of the director into beautiful shots that unfailingly work in the edit. He is organised, and resourceful if and when plans have to change quickly. He’s also very honest, so he’ll tell you if he thinks something isn’t going to work! Jon is 100% reliable and incredibly hardworking. He’s also great fun and I would highly recommend working with him.”

Jacqui Farnham

Producer Director BBC / Amazing Productions

"Jon is a superb Lighting Cameraman. We regularly use him and he never fails to produce wonderful footage. His great personality and team spirit shines through even after the longest day filming in all weathers." 

Judith Sharp

Producer / Director Avanti Media

"Jon is a wonderful cameraman with whom I've had the pleasure of working over the last few years. He is imaginative and creative in everything he shoots, from lighting and framing interviews to filming actuality. He's full of ideas about ways to get the best out of a location or sequence. He is also fantastic at helping to set your interview at ease, a valuable skill indeed."

Alison Priestley

Producer Director Panorama

"Jon is my go-to lighting cameraman. His artistry and creativity never fail to impress me. His can-do approach makes him very easy to work with. As a PD for factual, news or music shoots, I've always been proud of the films Jon has shot with and for me."

Mark Warburton

Producer Director Nine Lives Media & Avanti Media

"I have been working with Jon for almost twenty years, whatever I've been shooting he has always added something more to the day. He brings a fantastic eye, a "can do" attitude and is great company even on the most stressful shoots.” 

Leo Telling

Producer / Director BBC TV

"One of the most creative cameraman I have ever worked with. Jon has an amazing eye for the great shot which everyone around him has missed, is constantly coming up with ideas to make your film better and is a delightful guy to work with as well. What's not to like?”

Roger Corke

Producer / Director Panorama    

"Jon is a brilliant, creative and very reliable DOP. He’ll always bring back the goods. Also very generous and helpful with less experienced directors.”

Will Yearsley

BBC / Dragonfly Film and Television

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